PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia

PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia was established in 1986, with the focus on providing concrete products. Since its inception, PT, Adhimix Precast Indonesia has documented a good track record. This is evidenced by the development of readymixconcrete market in the area of Jabotabek and Central Java in 1991, which was further developed to Eastern Java in 1996. With the support of resource potential and development, and an intuitive understanding of the competitive and dynamic market, in 2004 PT.Adhimix Precast Indonesia created the construction division as commitment to its customers to become the reliable partner in creating innovations by delivering products of the highest quality.

Honesty, hard work, discipline, dedication and integrity are the major values con developed by PT.Adhimix Precast Indonesia to develop skillful and knowledgeable human resources to help its customers achieve high-productivity.

PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia will continuously develop its business prospects and area of operations in the future, and consistently make the best efforts in building its reputation as a trustworthy company through complete quality control. system on each production process to achieve maximum results in a professional, effective and efficient manner, without sacrificing quality PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia believes that a good tong-term relationship to developing this business PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia has seven subsidiary companies as follows :

  1. PT. Abadi Prima Intikarya,

  2. PT. Aston Adhi Jaya,

  3. PT. Encona Inti Industri

  4. PT. Schintar

  5. PT Mitra Abadi Karya Utama

  6. PT. Indo Sarana

  7. PT Adhimix Pelayaran Internusa

All subsidiary companies supported our main bussines in Readymix.